Monday Night Movies is showing conscious, unconventional, educational and thought provoking movies.
From empowering documentaries, that often do not make it through the conventional channels, to main stream cinema films with hidden messages. 
The aim is to create awareness and offer alternatives, ultimately resulting in ones own empowerment through information and knowledge. Exposing hidden agendas, suppressed information, current hot topics, environmental issues, health updates, youth education and more, inspiring the individual and our community.
Offering greater comprehension of the world we call our home, enlightening movies are used to assist in fostering healthy, balanced, harmonious and respectful relationships between each other and nature.
The educational values of the movies are supported by Question and Answer sessions after the film screening with experts on the topic or people that have been involved in the film making itself.


  Vaccine Nation
  Date TBA


* Dirt - The Movie
* Vaccine Nation
* Nine
* Men Who Stare at Goats
* Conversations with God   
* Cancer is Curable Now
* FoodMatters
* The Man who sued God
* The Great Global Warming Swindle
* Greening the Desert
* Paper Clips
* Network
* Living Matrix
* March of the Penguins
* Kama Sutra
* Gasland
* Ungrip
* One Answer to Cancer
* Esoteric Agenda
* Fire Water
* Sharkwater
* Gandhi
* Our Generation

* Travelling Birds
* Kymatica
* If A Tree Falls
* What the Bleep do we Know
* The Rainbow Serpent Project
* Growing Change
* FLOW: For the Love of Water
* The Earth Plus 5%
* The Disappearing Male
* The Revelation of the Pyramid
* Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes Naturally
* The End of the Line
* V for Vendetta
* The Beautiful Truth
* Nostradamus: 2012
* The Horse Boy
* The Core
* Bimblebox
* Vanishing of the Bees
* Pay it Forward
* Earthlings - Make the Connection
* Hungry for Change
* Bag It